Studio Zen - AMENITIES

Because Filinvest understands fully the needs and the lifestyle of our millennials, especially the students, Studio Zen was designed and created to suit their specific needs. Packed with amenities and facilities that are truly student-friendly, every single they need is practically under the same roof. That spells comfort, moreso, convenience. 

Here’s a list of available facilities and amenities for occupants: 

24 Hour Security Monitoring: Because your safety in important to us, we designed a 24 hour security monitoring system of the entire premises, from entrance to all exits, including the parking lots. A physical security guard will be stationed at the main entrance to log all incoming and outgoing personalities, also the cark park area. All incoming and outgoing vehicles will be monitored and logged 24/7 to ensure that security is tightly implemented. 

Huge, fully furnished Grand Lobby & Reception Area: Since this place is mainly dedicated to student and young executive occupants, the influx and movement of people to and from the building is expected to be at a higher rate, thus, the reception area was designed to accommodate that kind of dynamism. 

  • Visitor’s Lounge: Part of being a student is the usual group study sessions, especially near the closing of each semester when projects, research studies and others are being rushed. Our visitor’s lounge is designed to allow occupants and residents to have designated places for visitors to wait or to be entertained. 
  • Study Loft: This is especially dedicated to student occupants. To ensure that there is a conducive place for each student to study, this area is provided with tables, chairs and even with free wireless signal for an easier internet connection. This is, by far, one of the best features of Studio Zen, uncommon among any other Dormitel in the country. This place is also good for all other professionals who wanted to spend quite time doing online or paper works. 
  • Game Room: To have a better outlet for whatever pressure building in among its residents, the game room is free to use by residents. This is also a nice venue for people to meet and socialize. 
  • Events & Theatre Room: Group functions are always unavoidable with millennials and young professionals. To accommodate these needs, the events and theatre room were provided. This is to allow occupants to have their events held within the same roof rather than outside, to enhance safety and reduce on potential costs. 
  • Fully Equipped Fitness Center: Occupant residents don’t have to go to a gym to enjoy their usual fitness exercises. With the availability of these fitness center, anytime of the day, one can simply walk-in and enjoy gym routine. It is within the same roof, thus safety is really enhanced. 
  • Sky Lounge: One of the finest views of Skyline Manila can only be enjoyed and appreciated at night. With Studio Zen’s Sky Lounge, anyone can enjoy the entire glittering view of the metropolis. Hanging out at night in this part of the tower allows everybody to have a fresher outlook of the outside world, at night.
  • Reception Lobby
  • Visitors' Lounge
  • Study Loft
  • Events and Theater Room
  • Game room
  • Fully Equipped Fitness Center
  • Sky lounge
  • Wi-Fi Access At Amenity Areas 
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